August 8, 2022

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Girl surprised by means of hilarious record of laws left by means of Airbnb host: ‘A couple of controlling quirks’

What were they thinking? Hilarious photos reveal VERY baffling decisions – from a threatening wedding...

What were they thinking? Hilarious photos reveal VERY baffling decisions – from a threatening wedding proposal to an inappropriate funeral sign

Bored Panda shared photos of mistake from social media users around the world
One snap shows an astrology card saying ‘congratulations you have cancer’
Another shows how a typo made one groom’s proposal seem rather demanding

By Maria Chiorando For Mailonline
Published: 08:02 GMT, 7 February 2022 | Updated: 08:30 GMT, 7 February 2022

These hilarious photos show off what can happen when people take their eye off the ball and end up making a mistake.

The snaps, shared by social media users around the world, and collated into a gallery by Bored Panda feature a range of blunders.
Among them is a photo of an emergency phone, which has a sign on it asking people not to have an emergency in this location because the handset has not yet been installed.
Another shows a sign on a fence, asking people not to secure their bikes to ‘the feces’.
Here FEMAIL rounds up some of the funniest photos of mishaps.

This US funeral sign is certainly trying to put the ‘fun’ into funerals – who said a Wacky Waving Man can’t be appropriate for all situations?

This card, which we can only assume is supposed to celebrate the astrology sign of Cancer, is a classic example of what can happen when people don’t check their work

This north American supermarket made these toaster pasties sounds less than appetising, labelling them as ‘poop tarts’

Perhaps this aisle spotted in a UK supermarket isn’t a major labelling fail, but is actually selling ‘back to school’ goods for the teachers and not the pupils?

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Whoever painted this ‘school’, or should that be ‘scohol’ sign in Florida should be sent to the bottom of the class

The organisers behind this Canadian fundraising event learnt the hard way what happens when you don’t proof read – you risk looking like you want to fight children 

 I guess people will just have to find a location with a fully operational phone before they choose to have an emergency…

The person who designs mazes must have been having an off-day when they let this extremely easy puzzle slip through

You have to wonder whether anyone at any stage of this sign’s production noticed that it says ‘feces’ instead of fences. Anyone?

You can’t fault this Filipino groom-to-be’s enthusiasm, but his sign could have used an extra pair of eyes, because  it could come across as more of a threat than a question! 

At least someone has put a sign on the red button that says it’s a green button, which makes this whole set up much less confusing…

Anyone using this door, which was spotted in the UK, is likely to be extremely confused by the conflicting information on the two signs…

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