August 14, 2022

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North Carolina veteran short of kidney transplant vows he’ll die for his freedom

OTTAWA, Ontario – Canadian truckers protesting in Ottawa told Fox News they have no plans...

OTTAWA, Ontario – Canadian truckers protesting in Ottawa told Fox News they have no plans on leaving anytime soon.
“I plan on staying here until I get my freedom back,” Canadian truck driver Adrien de Medeiros, who has been in Ottawa since the protest began in late January, told Fox News.
Wednesday marked the 13th day of protests in Ottawa where truck drivers are advocating for an end to the government’s vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has demanded the protests end.

Inside the truck of a Canadian driver, Adrien de Medeiros, he sets up a hammock to sleep in at night
(Fox News Digital/Lisa Bennatan)

Trucker Dave Alderton, who has also been in Ottawa since the first day of the “Freedom Convoy” protest, set up a mailbox on the back of his truck, though, he said Office is having trouble recognizing his address. 

One trucker, who has no plans on leaving, set up a mailbox on the back of his truck in Ottawa, Canada
(Fox News Digital/Lisa Bennatan)

Another Canadian protester carrying gas cans on a sled said he wouldn’t leave “until this is over and we get what we came here for.”

Man holds a sign that says “We’re not leaving” at the “Freedom Convoy” protest in Ottawa
(Fox News Digital/Lisa Bennatan)

Andy Wing, another truck driver, told Fox News: “Who’s to say” when the protests will end “without any kind of discourse between our movement and leadership of this government”?
Ottawa Police have issued more than 1,300 tickets since the beginning of the occupation. Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson asked Trudeau and Ontario Premier Doug Ford on Monday for 1,800 additional police officers to “quell the insurrection that the Ottawa Police Service is not able to contain.”

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Trucks line the street in Ottawa, Canada at the “Freedom Convoy”
(Fox News Digital/Lisa Bennatan)

Trudeau said Monday that “hundreds of [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] officers have been mobilized to support the Ottawa Police Services. We’re also working with municipal partners to further strengthen our response.”
Another truck driver told Fox News: “I plan on staying until it’s over. But if they come to arrest us, I guess I might have to leave.”

Canadian truck driver who arrived nearly two weeks ago says he plans on staying until its over
(Fox News Digital/Lisa Bennatan)

Virgil Blackmore, referring to the threat of being towed, said: “I’m 68 years old, and I really don’t care anymore. It’s all for the younger kids anyway, that’s the only reason we’re here.”
De Medeiros, who says he is protesting against the mandates on behalf of his 4-year-old son, told Fox News: “We can’t give up now or else it’s all for nothing.”


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