August 14, 2022

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Singer Ronan Keating’s wife Storm has launched a furious rebuttal to a team of cleaners...

Singer Ronan Keating’s wife Storm has launched a furious rebuttal to a team of cleaners who claimed the multi-millionaire couple are refusing to pay a £500 bill.
he cleaning company has claimed they have been chasing payment for a job they carried out at the couple’s £5 million rented mansion since last December.
The showbiz couple hired the company to clean the house they had been renting in Loudwater, Buckinghamshire, before they moved to Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.
One of the cleaners said her team of five were booked on the day removal men came at the end of the couple’s tenancy, making the situation “chaotic”.
But in an open letter posted to Instagram, Storm said the home was left in was “disgraceful” state which made her feel “mortified”.
“Since we discovered the disgraceful state you left our house in, we considered publicly sharing the service we got with our followers to caution others from hiring you,” she wrote.
The 40-year-old fashion designer added: “You then broke our trust by demanding payment saying the job was complete, when in actuality the house was left in no acceptable state for handover.
“We however restrained ourselves from going public because we were hoping this level of service was not acceptable by your own standards & that you would want to remedy the situation professionally & amicably. But today you have proven this is not the case & left us no choice but to share the truth on this matter.”
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Storm then said she spent five hours cleaning the property herself before returning the keys to her landlord.
“I have never seen anything so appalling for an end-of-lease clean. There is no way I’d leave a place looking so grimy,” she said.
“I’m gobsmacked at how bad this is — dead flowers and even old food left on the shelves?
“None of the skirtings had been cleaned, marks on walls, on windows, some of the bathrooms were appalling.
“Surely, you can’t be happy with this? Cobwebs. Floors weren’t vacuumed or mopped — there were dead bugs and hair and food bits.”
According to Storm’s letter, the Keatings have not refused to pay for the job but want the “official checkout report from the landlord in order to make a fair assessment and educated decision on how to remedy the situation”.
Storm and Ronan had been renting while they carried out work on building their own dream home which they bought in 2016 but had to knock down.

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