August 18, 2022

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The stuff of nightmares! These bizarre beds are strange enough to intimidate even the deepest...

The stuff of nightmares! These bizarre beds are strange enough to intimidate even the deepest sleeper

People around the world shared bizarre photos of ominous sleeping set ups 
One photo shows a round mattress in the middle of a huge clam shell frame
Elsewhere, a baby ha s a terrible nap in a cot shaped like Jaws eating a boat

By Jessica Summers For Mailonline
Published: 07:34 GMT, 10 February 2022 | Updated: 08:52 GMT, 10 February 2022

The last thing most need when dozing off for a peaceful night’s sleep is to be in a bed that’s straight out of a horror film, but that’s what some people have faced thanks to rather baffling bed designs. 

Social media users from around the world have shared snaps of the most horrifying and puzzling beds around, with the best examples collated in a gallery by MyDiWise. 
One snap shows a bed in the form of a huge stuffed teddy bear that looms menacingly over the sleeper, while another appears to float a foot off the ground.
Meanwhile, a box propped up with a stick in the form of an animal trap is someone’s sleeping situation, while another chooses a coffin for their temporary resting place 
Here, FEMAIL shares some of the most baffling photos…  

Snap! If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to a pearl, this is the bed for you. Of course, you need to also overlook the fact that it could slam shut at any moment too

Could you drift off? This takes ‘water bed’ to a whole new level. One wrong turn during a sleepy trip to the loo in the middle of the night and you’d have a very rude awakening

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Sleep like the dead! While some people like to be prepared in the event of an unexpected death, these coffin beds at the Dracula’s Castle Airbnb in Transylvania, take the idea a little too literally

Teething problems: The New York creator of this terrifying Jaws cot might not have factored in that their baby would not like being eaten by a shark every night

Can’t bear it! This menacing looking bear was likely going for a cuddly aura, but ended up as a horrifying way to sleep

Despite this being the perfect bed frame for a lovely tucked up read before sleeping, it simply looks as if an alien version of Shrek is watching you intently

There’s no need to point out what this four poster bed seems to have sculpted into its pillars, the question needs to be asked, why?

Which part of this screams cosy? Could it be the tin foil wall, or perhaps it’s the warm and comforting tin foil duvet

Despite the fact that this bed looks like an art piece in a gallery, it’s also definitely not for the claustrophobic among us

Other than the, anyone-can-see-you-while-sleeping aspect, this would almost be lovely for star gazing, if it weren’t for the pointed roof obstructing the view

Perhaps the theme here is alien-chic, perhaps it’s a dedication to a love of slime, but one thing is for certain—it’s cold and unfeeling and will leave you with nightmares

Longing to feel like a trapped animal, lost and alone in the woods, waiting to be someone’s supper? This is the bed for you

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At first glance, these single beds are slightly garish but inoffensive, until you spot the carved children hanging around at the foot of the bed

While certainly an impressibly futuristic approach to sleeping, any monster looking to hide under the bed have now found their spot

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