August 14, 2022

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Other people recovered from Covid must be capable to get booster jabs faster than six months after an infection – Taoiseach

Beating the system! People who’ve found VERY clever ways around the rules can’t be faulted...

Beating the system! People who’ve found VERY clever ways around the rules can’t be faulted for creativity

Social media users shared snaps of people who found ways to beat the system
A moped driver found a 3ft spot to park without paying or being towed  
A child was unintentionally funny when they took homework instructions literally

By Stephanie Linning For Mailonline
Published: 07:54 GMT, 11 February 2022 | Updated: 11:24 GMT, 11 February 2022

They say rules are there to be broken, and for these people that couldn’t be more true.

People from around the world have shared photos of the times when they successfully beat the system – or witnessed someone else finding an ingenious way around the rules. The best examples were collated in a gallery on My Health Gazette.
An American college student who was told he couldn’t have a pumpkin in his dorm on Halloween got creative and carved a pineapple instead. 
Elsewhere a driver who returned to find his car clamped came up with a very simple solution for avoiding paying a fine: removing the entire clamp and tire and replacing it with a new one.  

Just following instructions! This British schoolgirl came up with an inventive answer to the teacher’s geometry question on a homework sheet

Gotcha! A pizza fan found a novel way of making their favourite dish sound healthier than it is

Just the spot! A motorcycle driver in Chicago found a 3ft spot to park without paying or risking being towed

Eat… if you must! An American bar came up with a clever way to get around a law that requires it to serve food alongside alcohol 

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Back on the road: This man, believed to be from somewhere in Europe, returned to his car to find it clamped, so simply decided to remove the tyre completely 

Rules are made to be bent! One festival stall owner in the US had a clever way to get around a ban on drinks being sold

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! This American college has a rule against members of the opposite sex being in the same dorm room – but this couple found away around it 

Making the best of a bad situation: A Prius driver in the US didn’t let his wrecked cars go to waste

You can’t take Halloween from me! An American college student got creative with a pineapple when his dorm banned pumpkins 

Teaching a young dog new tricks! This boy thought he’d found a shortcut to training his new dog – showing the pup YouTube videos of other well-behaved pets

Working hard, or hardly working? This employee discovered that by sticking the control key down with tape, it made it look like they were always online while working from home 

No dogs on the bed… but that doesn’t mean a devoted owner can’t curl up on the floor

A rainbow rental! Faced with rules that banned painting walls in a rental apartment, US residents decided to cover the space with paint samples instead

Oh, I thought you said PLANE! Wanting her boyfriend to make a good first impression when he met her parents for the first time, a woman asked him to wear a ‘plain tie’…

Bright idea: This man, believed to be from the US, was told he couldn’t put pressure on his nose after undergoing surgery so he came up with this makeshift glasses suspender instead

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