August 8, 2022

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Pat Sajak was so astounded on Wednesday night’s episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” he had...

Pat Sajak was so astounded on Wednesday night’s episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” he had to leave the set.
The episode marked a wild and unprecedented win on the long-running game show. It was the third time that contestants won $100,000 in the bonus round on three consecutive nights.
Both Monday and Tuesday’s shows featured players who each won $100,000 in bonus prizes.
Bree Yokouchi was the lucky contestant and scored $121,638 in cash and prizes, including a trip to St. Lucia, on Wednesday.
“I was just excited to be here this morning,” said Yokouchi after her win. “But to be the third $100,000 winner in a row is just amazing!”
Mark Baer and Lisa Kramer earned their success in the bonus round on Tuesday and Monday nights, respectively.
“Monday we gave away $100,000 in the bonus round,” Sajak, 75, said at the beginning of Wednesday evening’s show.
The host then joked, “Yesterday we gave away $100,000 in the bonus round. So because of budgetary considerations, rather than cash, we’re playing for luncheon meats tonight.”

Following Yokouchi answering the puzzle correctly, Sajak was so shocked that he walked off the show. “I’m outta here,” he said under his breath. “That’s it. I’m through.”
His daughter Maggie — who is a behind-the-scenes correspondent for the trivia show — shared the story of what went down on set yesterday on social media.
The 27-year-old spoke with her pops in her Twitter clip about the historic event and she even asked him if it was possible to have a fourth consecutive $100,000 winner.
Sajak responded quizzically, “That would be ridiculous. That would be virtually impossible.”
On Tuesday’s telecast, Sajak explained, “On yesterday’s show, we gave $100,000 in the bonus round. I checked the rules. It can happen two days in a row. Nothing says you can’t do that.”

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Once Baer achieved the $100,000 bonus prize and roped in $126,550 in winnings, Sajak exclaimed, “It’s never happened. And wouldn’t you know it, I just sold all my confetti stock. … There’s always something new around here, isn’t there? That’s incredible.”
Viewers were loving the “Wheel of Fortune” milestone and tweeted out their excitement. “For the first time in ‘Wheel of Fortune’ we got ourselves back to back $100,000 winners this week guys!! This is just great y’all. #WheelOfFortune,” one fan wrote.
Another joked, “‘Wheel of Fortune’ just gave out $100k two days in a row, get ready for some crazy words the next few days or else they’re gonna run out of money.”


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