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Definitely on the naughty list! People reveal the WORST behaviour they’ve witnessed at Christmas –...

Definitely on the naughty list! People reveal the WORST behaviour they’ve witnessed at Christmas – from a mother flirting with her daughter’s partner to a sister’s tantrum because her cashmere jumper wasn’t designer

Anonymous British woman asked Mumsnet users about their worst Christmases
Discussion began after sharing about a drunken cousin arguing with family
One woman never spoke to sister again because she bought her an M&S jumper 
A man infected entire family with vomiting bug and couldn’t see the problem  

By Latoya Gayle For Mailonline
Published: 08:08 GMT, 11 December 2021 | Updated: 09:15 GMT, 11 December 2021

Christmas is supposedly a magical time of year, but as we all know the wonder of the season is easily eclipsed by family tensions, tantrums and drunken antics.  

Many of us will no doubt be able to relate after Mumsnet users from across the UK took to the forum to share the Christmas memories that still haunt them, including one who claims her mother spent the day flirting with her partner and getting increasingly drunk.
The discussion began after a woman shared the story of her 24-year-old cousin trying to argue with everyone after drinking too much alcohol and then scraping her dinner off the plate on to the tablecloth. 
Other responses to the thread told how relatives had had very dramatic reactions to receiving an unsatisfactory gift, while one woman’s mother-in-law threw all her granddaughter’s presents down the stairs because she wasn’t allowed to give them to her early on Christmas Eve. 

Mumsnet users from across the UK took to the forum to share memories of the worst behaviour they’ve witnessed at Christmas (file image)

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The discussion began after a woman told how her cousin had drunkenly tried to start an argument with everyone 

The discussion began with a woman writing: ‘To ask the worst behaviour at Christmas you’ve witnessed by an adult?
‘Mine is: Drunk cousin (24 at the time) shouting and arguing with everyone for most of Boxing Day three years ago, then topped it off when someone told her to stop being stupid by standing up and scraping the entire contents of her dinner plate all over the table and made my aunt cry.’
A flood of responses to the thread told how one of their relatives became the centre of attention on Christmas Day.

One person wrote: ‘My sister coming out as gay – NOT because she was gay because she then had a massive strop and sulk because everyone said that it’s okay and we love her. She was drunk and wanted drama and for everyone to be shocked.’
Another said: ‘Mother-in-law wanted our daughter to open presents from her on Christmas Eve. We said not until Christmas Day. She threw a massive strop and chucked all our presents down the stairs one by one.
A third added: ‘Invited my mother and latest boyfriend to first Christmas with my then partner. She flirted with my partner all day as she got progressively more drunk and started talk about sex. Told partner when I wasn’t in room that I was boring, that sex must also be boring and that he should visit her and she would teach him a few tricks he wouldn’t get from me. Never been invited again.’ 

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A flood of responses to the thread claimed they had relatives who made insults and even threw presents when they didn’t get their way 

The shocking stories continued, with one saying: ‘I’d been seeing someone for a couple of months when I was 19. I met his mum on Christmas Day. She got absolutely s*** faced and threw a microwave at him. We ended up in A&E while he got stitches in his hand where the shattered turntable hit him. I never went back there again.’
Another told a hair-raising tale about her sister-in-law and stressed that there was ‘no drink involved’.
‘She threw a fit because I’d bought her a cashmere sweater from M&S and she wanted something designer. I insulted her with the gift. She knew I could afford “better”. I tend to live in cotton and linen kaftans and baggy stuff – definitely not a label person and wouldn’t know where to start! We’ve never spoken since,’ she explained. 
A third said: ‘My brother came to my house on Christmas Day with a vomiting bug but didn’t tell us. When one of the kids let the truth slip he got all defensive and said it was fine as he would wash his hands. Made out we were the worst people in the world when we were worried about him giving it to us. 

‘They left soon after lunch (he didn’t eat anything) complaining that we were unwelcoming. Spent the next 10 days with each one of us in the house coming down with the vomiting bug one by one, ruining our Christmas plans and all of our time off work, and the kids’ holiday from school. He still complains about how unwelcoming we were.’  
Another added: ‘Sitting and watching a film with the in-laws. Most people were dosing off after a big dinner but I heard one ask her stepson from a hug. He shied away and she told him that if he didn’t hug her immediately then all his toys were going in the bin. Chilled me to the bone.’

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Other responses told how relatives became aggressive after drinking alcohol and failed to hide disappointment when they received an unwanted gift 

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