August 14, 2022

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Jan. 6 Committee makes an attempt to turn Trump intentionally unnoticed calls from personnel to deescalate revolt

As you might have heard by now, a married couple in their 30s were arrested...

As you might have heard by now, a married couple in their 30s were arrested in New York on Tuesday for an alleged conspiracy to launder some bitcoin stolen during the 2016 hack of the Bitfinex exhange. “Some” meaning approximately $4.5 billion’s-worth at current valuations, according to the Department of Justice.
In a statement, Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco (!) spoke of the couple’s “futile effort to maintain digital anonymity” and boasted of the DoJ’s “meticulous work” in tracking down these alleged criminals despite their efforts to evade the law (allegedly).
So let’s take a look at these alleged efforts to maintain digital anonymity, shall we? Particularly those of one half of the couple, Heather Morgan.
As we wrote last night, Morgan has a YouTube account where she goes by the moniker Razzlekhan, a surrealist-artist-cum-rapper with a taste for laying into toxic friends and Silicon Valley. Can’t say we blame her. Alas, most of the videos were removed overnight.
But for those of you who were too late for the YouTube videos, there’s a selection of clips still available on Soundcloud and rage-as-a-service platform Twitter. (For those of you who are no longer WFH this is probably NSFW unless you have headphones on.)
Here she is showing a remarkable capacity for rhyme:

This “rapper” with an alias of RAZZLEKHAN aka Heather Morgan was charged today in NYC, with being part of money laundering scheme that involved Billions worth of Bitcoin.
I believe she should have already been in prison for life for whatever this is.
— Letting Go (@ProvideContext) February 8, 2022
And again, avec hubbie Ilya Lichtenstein (a tech entrepreneur and occasional magician), offering up incisive commentary on consumerism, social media and pancakes:

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Showing a laudable knowledge of the Ottoman Empire:
She seems to be quite into Turkey in general actually:

If I have to suffer through this, so do you.
Heather Morgan — the woman arrested on suspicion of laundering crypto linked to the Bitfinex hack — is also an amateur rapper.
— Connor Sephton (@ConnorSephton) February 8, 2022
There’s also this website (hat-tip to FT Alphaville reader Ricky Prickles has left the building for the spot), which describes Razzlekhan as “the great crocodile of Wall Street” who is “here to stick up for underdogs and misfits everywhere”. We were particularly struck by this part:

Just like her fearless entrepreneurial spirit and hacker mindset, Razz shamelessly explores new frontiers of art, pushing the limit of what’s possible. Whether that leads to something wonderful or terrible is unclear; the only thing that’s certain is it won’t be boring or mediocre.

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