August 17, 2022

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Russia-Ukraine Battle: What to grasp on Day 6 of Russian attack | U.S.

8.12am GMT 08:12 Victoria Carl, the German, storms home at the end of the third...

8.12am GMT


Victoria Carl, the German, storms home at the end of the third leg, having overtaken the ROC athlete who was previously ahead! So Germany lead the way into the fourth leg … ROC +5sec, Norway +14.7sec, Finland +18.1sec.
Sophie Krehl is tasked with bringing this home for Germany after a phenomenal third let by her teammate Carl. Veronika Stepanova is giving chase for the ROC team.

at 8.14am GMT

8.09am GMT


Thanks Geoff and hello everyone. Right, what’s occurring? Cross-country skiing, as you know, plus women’s team pursuit speed skating: Japan have just won their quarter-final there, beating Netherlands, China and Norway into second, third and fourth respectively.

8.01am GMT


Geoff Lemon

Cross-county: Henning comes in to finish the second leg fastest, Nepryaeva second by 4.3 seconds, and Johaug hauls Norway into third by 22.8 seconds. For the third and fourth legs, I’ll leave you with Luke McLaughlin.

7.56am GMT


Cross-county: Hennig attacks Nepryaeva up the main hill on the course, their second time around this 2.5km loop. She passes on the outside and goes to the front. Johaug is still attacking in third, leading a chasing group.

7.53am GMT


Cross-county: Therese Johaug, the Norwegian double-gold winner at these Games, is burning up the course. Chasing the front pair with intensity. She won over 10km and in the 7.5km skiathlon, so 5km is nothing for her.

7.50am GMT


Cross-county: Nepryaeva for the ROC and Hennig for Germany are with each other, but well in front of everyone else. Their advantage 11 seconds at the moment.

7.46am GMT


Cross-country: There’s no baton in this relay, obviously, as cross-country skiers use both their hands to hold poles. There’s an approach lane, and the next skier can start moving as long as they don’t pass a certain point, and the approaching skier has to touch them in the back to constitute a handover. ROC handover first, Germany and Japan next.

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7.43am GMT


Cross-country: The women’s 5km relay has begun. We’re on the first leg, with the leaders approaching the handover.

7.40am GMT


Curling: Shuster again has the final stone and a chance to make a save, but his shot slides just a bit too long, and that leaves Norway two scoring stones. They lead the USA 6-3 now as we start the seventh end.

7.18am GMT


Curling: China leading 5-4 over Italy, Sweden 2-0 over Canada, Switzerland 4-3 over Denmark, Norway 4-3 over the USA.

7.07am GMT


Curling: One stone in the rings for Norway with three to play, sitting behind the button, and they’ve assembled a big defensive wall in front of that. Hoping to save that one in place, then drift their last stone in for a second score? Not sure. They send down another that sits in front of the button. Not sure if the US could use that top stone to knock the other one out. They attempt something else though, and it doesn’t work, striking one of the guards. But Norway botch their last stone, looking to set one more guard in place but not landing it right. It allows John Shuster to set up a series of ricochets that knocks out the middle Norway stone and lands his own stone a tiny margin closer to the button. Instead of two points for Norway, it’s one point for USA. They lead 3-2.

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6.52am GMT


Curling: The Norwegians level it up, 2-2 and playing the fourth end now.

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6.29am GMT


Lots of curling starting now for the men’s round robin. China v Italy, Canada v Sweden, Denmark v Switzerland, USA v Norway.

6.27am GMT


As for the men’s Group A match, same score, USA beating Canada 4-2.

6.20am GMT


Switzerland are through to the women’s ice hockey semis

The ROC take off their tender and throw an extra skater on in a desperate bid for an equaliser, and as so often happens the other team scores an empty net goal instead, Muller firing almost the full length of the rink and right into the middle of the target. Switzerland win 4-2.

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Swiss goal tender Andrea Braendli celebrates after Alina Muller scored their fourth goal. Photograph: Brian Snyder/Reuters

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6.15am GMT


One! Two! The Russians equalise through Luchnikova, but 30 seconds later Muller comes flying down the length of the rink, passes a couple of defenders, passes right to Stalder, skates left herself, and is there on the left side of goal when Stalder flicks a pass across for Muller to send home. It’s 3-2 to the Swiss. A couple of minutes to play.

6.02am GMT


Now the Swiss have a penalty against them for a cross-check, which is when a player uses the handle of the stick between both hands to check an opponent. Nicole Bullo is off, so the Russians have a chance with five on four on the ice.

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5.55am GMT


The Swiss go ahead! Dominque Ruegg scores to make it 2-1, and then seconds later the Russians have Polina Luchnikova sent off for two minutes to rob them of a chance at a quick counter.

5.42am GMT


Ice hockey: We’re at the start of the third period in both matches now. It’s 1-1 in the women’s quarters between the Swiss and the Russians. USA still leading Canada 3-2 in the men’s group match.

5.41am GMT


The Mikaela Shiffrin story has been one of the most compelling at these Games, and Bryan Graham wrote on it from Beijing.

5.37am GMT


Also, apparently people are mad about results in the skeleton? Each to their own I guess.

5.33am GMT


Ice hockey: Approaching the end of the second period, the USA lead Canada 3-2.

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And here’s a bit more on the silver in that event for Scotty James.

5.25am GMT


Here is the report about the positive doping test recorded by Kamila Valieva.

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Given we mentioned national human rights failures, let’s start with the looming possibility of another one.

5.18am GMT


What is on today?

I’ll give you the events in GMT, given most of our readers are in the UK. Add eight hours for China, eleven hours for Australia. Subtract five hours for the USA’s east coast, eight hours for the west coast.
Currently the only event happening is the ice-hockey: a women’s quarter-final between the ROC and the Swiss, and a men’s pool match between Canada and the USA. The mixed team snowboard cross final has already been… boarded? USA took gold, Italy and Canada next in.
6am: Men’s round robin curling matches, including USA v Norway.
7:30am: Women’s 5km cross-country ski relay final.
8:40am: Women’s ice hockey quarter-final, Japan v Finland. Men’s pool match, Germany v China.
8:53am precisely: Men’s 500m speed skating final
9am: Men’s biathlon 10 kilometre sprint final.
11am: Couples ice dance – rhythm dance.
Midday: Women’s curling round robin, including GB v USA. Men’s large hill individual ski jumping.
1pm: Men’s ice hockey pool matches, ROC v Czechia and Switzerland v Denmark.
1:50pm: Women’s skeleton final.

5.06am GMT


Geoff Lemon

Hello all, the weekend has begun at the Olympics, and it’s time to start off another day in the fake snow of Beijing. We have plenty of action ahead with medals up for grabs in a number of sports, and we also have a lot of news out of an increasingly controversial Games. Not that there was a lack of controversy going into it, with China’s human rights landscape under the microscope. I’ll tell you everything that’s coming up shortly.


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