August 14, 2022

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She might be one of the most recognised faces on TV, but Hilary Rose says...

She might be one of the most recognised faces on TV, but Hilary Rose says her two children have not seen one minute of her on the box. In fact, the Smother and The Young Offenders star says they don’t even know she is an actress.
The 42-year-old is the mother of a boy aged six and a three-year-old girl with husband Peter Foott, who created ribald comedy The Young Offenders for the big and small screen. But she is in no rush to show her kids the wild and foul-mouthed antics of Conor and Jock, or the devious machinations of her character Alanna in Smother.
“They are far too young for that. I don’t think they even know what we do,” says Hilary, who appears in the final episode of thriller drama Smother tonight.
“The three-year-old definitely doesn’t have a breeze and I recently told the six-year-old I was a DJ. I used to be a DJ years ago and that blew his mind. He was like: ‘Oh my God, will you DJ for me?’ So I said: ‘Er, OK.’ He thinks I do that. I just don’t tell them. Dad writes stories and Mum does something. He has seen nothing at all of the two shows.”
Fans of Smother will be delighted to know there will be a third series of the hit RTÉ drama after the second reaches its dramatic conclusion tonight.  
Hilary said she couldn’t wait to get back to Lahinch, Co Clare, where the show is set, as she loved working on the series, particularly as there were so many strong female roles.
“We kept pinching ourselves on set,” she said. “I’ve never worked on such a job that had so many female characters and such amazing women to work with, who are really smart, really funny and really good at their jobs.
“We all clicked really well and it was lovely. We had so much craic behind the scenes. I made friends for life on that job with some of these women.
“I always think if you can take away a few people like that from any job, that’s just an added bonus of what we get to do as actors.”
She said she loved getting her teeth into the role of Alanna as she developed from a small role in the first series to a major character in the second.
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“I almost viewed Alanna as a sleeper cell until episode five, when she just kicks off. It was definitely fun to play. I don’t see her as devious at all. Bad guys never see themselves as bad guys, and they just do what they do because it’s righteous and justified in their minds.
“I didn’t really expect that she would become kind of the villain, but when I saw that I thought, ‘oh my God, this is amazing, this is the icing on the cake’, because I love villainy and I love playing villains.”
It’s a total change in tempo for Hilary, whose big-hearted and long-suffering character Mairéad MacSweeney is adored by the public in The Young Offenders.
“I love comedy and drama. I feel that I’m kind of at this sweet spot where I want to be, role-wise, which is really nice and interesting.
“I always wanted to transition from comedy into drama and back and forth. Both have their pros and cons and challenges, but ultimately it’s really lovely to have that learning experience in both as well. Actually, I’d love to do action. I would love to do a lot of different stuff.”
She is regularly stopped in the street by fans congratulating her on the show.
“They say, ‘Oh, you’re so shifty,’” she laughs. “That’s the reaction I’m getting, but overall it’s really positive. Thankfully people don’t come and say horrible things to you.”  
‘Smother’ is on RTÉ One tonight at 9.30pm


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