August 18, 2022

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Whether you are a singleton or in a happy relationship, here are quick posture tweaks...

Whether you are a singleton or in a happy relationship, here are quick posture tweaks you can try to look instantly more attractive.  
Body language expert Judi James revealed the subtle gestures you should adopt to look your best while you flirt away.
Showing off your thumbs and offering your lover or love interest a backwards glance are sure-fire ways to highlight your features and to look ‘adorable.’
Meanwhile, a simple tilt of the head can take you from looking ‘rigid’ to ‘relaxed’ in a few seconds, insisted the body language expert to FEMAIL.
The expert also unveiled the four posture no-nos you should avoid at all cost – including cross your legs at the ankles or folding your arms over your chest.

British body language expert Judi James has revealed ures that will make you look instantly more attractive, such as tilting back your head (stock picture)

Judi revealed why tilting your head slightly to the side is not only a classic flirting technique, but also makes you look more attractive. 
‘The tilt itself is an animal gesture of playfulness and fun, with a cocked head signalling an invitation to join in. (Puppy head tilts anyone?),’ she said. 
‘By putting your features at an angle the tilt also flatters your face. Very few faces look their best at a straight, upright angle, as passport photos often prove,’ she added. 
The expert added that tilting your head assures you won’t look too serious.  
‘Gravity pulls the features downward, making the face look more solemn. Tilting relaxes the muscles of the face and makes an asymmetric smile that will appear relaxed and natural easy to produce,’ she said.  
This next move is subtle, but powerful, Judi said.   ‘The right size of gap under your armpits will make you look self-confident and sexy,’ she said. 
‘It throws out signals of being comfortable in your own skin but without veering into arrogance or ego,’ she added.  
The expert explained how you can master the move.  ‘If you’re sitting in a chair place your elbows on the arms or if you’re standing at a bar lean one elbow out onto the bar or raise both hands slightly as you gesticulate to push your elbows gently away from your ribs,’ she said. 
She said the move makes you look more approachable.   ‘When we’re feeling under pressure or lacking in confidence we tend to self-diminish by pulling our elbows into our torsos in a self-hug gesture of self-defence and protection,’ she said. 
‘By opening the gap up a little we show we’re comfortable and approachable,’ she added.

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Glancing over your shoulder is the ultimate attractive look that will showcase the shape of your body from the best angle, says Julie (stock picture) 

Popularised by stars on the red carpet, looking sexily over your shoulder is a classic, Judi said.  
She said you could try the move by ‘throwing a quick look back over your shoulder at the other person as you walk away to make coffee, pour drinks or even pop to the loo.’ 
She said celebrities love the move because it makes them look sexy and cool, while showing off their body shape at their most attractive. 
‘Twist the head back and turn the torso slightly but keep the bum and hips straight,’ she pointed.  
While it might surprise some, keeping your thumbs in view is an attractive trait, Judi said.  
‘There’s no need to display all your fingers as you speak or stand and if you’re wearing false nails they can even look like claws,’ she said. 
‘But the thumbs should always be on display. Not only does a slightly curved-backward or ‘cocked’ thumb signal approval and interest, showing confidence via showing the thumbs is a trick fashion models have used for ages,’ she added. 
One good way to achieve this is to tuck your hands in the pocket of your jeans but to keep your thumbs dangling out.  
‘And if you are pushing your hands into coat or skirt pockets keep the thumbs outside the pocket,’ she added.  ‘It looks elegant and sexy and helps to avoid you looking like you’ve shoved your entire hand into the pocket, which can signal a desire to hide.’
The expert also advised that you arch your back lightly, but said the way you tilt your shoulder plays an important part in whether this pose is attractive or not. 
‘Pulling your shoulders back can make your posture look rigid and unnatural but pushing them downward will create the impression of relaxed confidence,’ she said. 
‘The movement also has an intrapersonal effect, meaning it can make you feel more confident, too by changing your state. When we are under pressure the shoulder muscles can contract, raising them upward or hunching them,’ she added.
‘Pushing them down breaks any tension in the muscles and creates a longer and more flattering neckline.’

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Crossing your arms over your chest does not make you approachable and may make you look bored, Judi said (stock picture) 

While ures above are sure to make you look irresistible, Judi warned that there are also positions you should avoid at all costs…  but thankfully the expert also gave her tips on how to fix the issue.  
‘This subliminal attempt to look cute and vulnerable looks badly out of place on the modern dating scene. It’s an overly-submissive ritual that lacks any sex appeal and it makes your legs look bowed,’ Judy said. 


Finally, while you might want to shoot your date a nervous fake smile here and there, Judi explained why you should refrain.  
‘It might just be nerves causing it but a fake smile never looks attractive. The problem tends to come when we smile with our mouths but not our eyes.,’ she said. 
Instead, the expert said how to relax and look more natural.  ‘An authentic smile starts in the eye expression with some softening and crinkling then moves down to the mouth,’ she said.  
‘A mouth smile with no participation from the eyes looks like a snarl or teeth-baring,’ she added. 

To look more attractive, the expert said to stand with your feet a few inches apart, with your weight evenly balanced on each leg. 
‘This pose will project assertive thinking and contagious confidence,’ she said. 
Another big no-no is to cross your arms on your chest, which makes you look guarded, according to the expert. 
‘Although shyness can be attractive the barrier created and signalled by arm folding is never a good look,’ Judi said. 
‘Each type of arm-folding signals a different emotional state but none of them are good. Either you’re bored or disconnected or wanting to hide,’ she added. 
‘The torso-hiding and the shoulder-hunching folded arms create makes your body look less attractive and that all-important upturned V armpit gap with have closed down, showing low levels of confidence,’ she advised. 
While some might think this pose makes women more attractive, it is actually the opposite, Judi said.  
‘This gesture might make the breasts look bigger and more important but it also mimics the state of aggressive arousal that will make it look as though you’re up for a fight,’ she explained.  
‘Hold your glass with one hand and place the other on your hip with the wrist bent downward in a V shape to look far more attractive. One hand on a hip will create a confident, upbeat look, but two will create an unattractive shape,’ the expert said. 

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