August 18, 2022

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From phone scrolling on the toilet to nose picking, people share the ‘horrible’ habits they...

From phone scrolling on the toilet to nose picking, people share the ‘horrible’ habits they loathe but just can’t break (so how many are YOU guilty of?)

Reddit users from the UK shared some of their most horrible habits 
A few revealed that they can’t stop using certain words in offensive ways
And others admitted they still pick their nose despite being confronted over it 

By Maria Chiorando For Mailonline
Published: 08:01 GMT, 7 February 2022 | Updated: 08:04 GMT, 7 February 2022

People across the UK have revealed some of their most horrible habits – including using language offensively and biting their nails.

The revelations were shared in a thread on Reddit titled ‘what is your worst habit that you cannot stop and you absolutely loathe?’
According to the original poster, they struggle to stop using the word ‘gay’ in an offensive way, saying they are ’embarrassed’ about doing it despite trying to stop.
said: ‘I will say mine and I am very embarrassed about it, growing up in the 00’s I’ve always heard “g**” as an insult. I know it’s awful but I still catch myself saying it even though I make an effort not to.’

A Reddit post asking people what horrible habits they just can’t stop yielded a range of grim responses – from using offensive words to scrolling on their phone while on the toilet


Other users discussed the inappropriate use of the word ‘gay’ – with some saying they are glad they rarely hear it used as an insult these days

A perhaps surprising number of respondents agreed with creator, saying they also habitually found themselves using the word ‘gay’ as an insult, with some citing age as an explanation.
One wrote: ‘I know what you mean. Growing up on South Park and being a part of the generation that regularly used gay as an insult, it took some effort to get out of that habit.’   
However, one person said they were happy to rarely hear the word ‘gay’ used in that context anymore, writing: ‘[It] was the same where I grew up except it was also used to express your annoyance at something, like the bus flies past your stop “that’s so gay”
‘Thankfully I don’t hear people still talking like that and I left it behind in the 90’s.’ 

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Nail biting was a common unpleasant habit among respondents, with Reddit users saying they wanted to stop, but struggled 

Other social media users revealed some extremely unsanitary pastimes, including scrolling while on the toilet and nail biting.
One Redditor admitted: ‘I’m sitting on the toilet pointlessly scrolling when I saw your comment that I’m now replying to.’   
When it came to nail biting, one wrote: ‘I bit my nails until the pandemic and then it forced me to stop. Then again, I also used to go out and have fun until the pandemic so it’s swings and roundabouts really, innit?’ 

And a further Redditor said they just couldn’t stop the ‘horrible’ habit.
They wrote: ‘My hands look absolutely awful but I just can’t stop. I’ve tried having false nails, I just pick at the skin even more. Started when I was about 5, I’m 34 now. It’s horrible.’ 

One of the grubbiest habits people revealed on the thread was nose picking – with one person saying that they just couldn’t stop

But perhaps worse than nail biting were the revelations about nose picking, with one Reddit user saying their worst habit is ‘picking [their] nose’. They added: ‘Don’t judge me too harsh.’

They were not alone though, another added: ‘I have started to [pick my nose] shamelessly now I’m older, though I always wash/sanitise my hands after. If I’m ever confronted about it, I ask whether they’d rather I remove the nugget at my own time of choosing or it come flying out mid-conversation with somebody.’
A third said: ‘I’m so bad at this I’ve tried so hard to stop. But i feel so uncomfortable if there’s anything in my nose. How do people just ignore it? I cannot stop myself. I don’t know how. I feel so childish every time but I just can’t stop.’ 

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