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Even if your smartphone has a storage space of 256GB, it is very likely that it will run out of storage soon. However, having an Android rather than an iPhone can bring you other benefits and edges. It is necessary for us to download applications on our phones that take up space but are vital to our smartphones. To download these applications, you need to have a steady internet connection, which is affordable too. For instance, Xfinity wifi plans can give you a great internet connection well within your budget.
It is inevitable that the more you use your smartphone, the more it would eventually start lagging as it runs out of storage. Here are some ways you can manage your storage space to ensure that your smartphone runs smoothly. However, there are more ways to make your Android faster than an iPhone.
The easiest step, restart it
It does not matter whether you have an Android or an iPhone, one of the easiest things you can do to make your phone slightly faster is to restart it every once in a while. What happens when you restart your phone is that it deletes all of the temporary files in your phone, which are taking up space. It also clears up the RAM (Random Access Memory) which basically determines the load of applications your phone can take at a time and once your RAM is cleared out, your phone becomes significantly faster.
Get rid of all those old photos
All of us have this tendency of having unnecessary photos in our galleries. Sometimes they are even just memes that would bring us absolutely no benefit at all but we still have them. So all you need to do is to clear out the clutter and get rid of those photos. You need to dedicate a lot of your time and pick out the photos that you do not need anymore. Once you have that part figured out, delete them. However, before you do so, make sure you have your photos backed up somewhere, preferably on cloud storage such as Google Photos, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Once you have your pictures safely backed up, you would not have to worry about losing them forever since your pictures and videos will be safe on cloud storage. You can then delete that entire media from your phone and watch as your phone becomes much faster and more stable. In the case of an iPhone, you can safely backup all your media onto iCloud before you start deleting your pictures.
Delete all those unnecessary applications
That is right, do not be a hoarder. Try not to hoard so many applications on your phone especially if you do not use those applications. For instance, let us just say you have Spotify and SoundCloud on your phone but you rarely use SoundCloud. Then what would the point be in keeping SoundCloud when you do not even use it? There would be similar other applications that you do not use and need to delete. You will feel a very significant difference once you delete all the unnecessary applications since they are taking up most of your phone’s storage space and RAM.
Be sure to clear your browser’s cache memory
Over time as you use your phone’s browser to surf the internet, the browser saves information called cache memory, which makes it easier to load pages the next time you are using your browser. However, while this may seem like something beneficial (and it is, to some extent) it also takes a toll on your phone’s performance if the saved cache memory is too much. After a while, you need to make sure you clear Safari’s cache if you have an iPhone and from Google Chrome or any other browser that you are using on an Android. This makes sure that the memory on your phone is cleared out so that your phone may run smoothly.
Ensure that auto application updates are off
Unless your phone has an insane amount of storage space then this is one other setting you need to keep in mind while saving space. You need to make sure you have auto-updates turned off so that your applications do not update automatically. When you do so, you can manually update the applications you use and not the ones that you do not. This would help you save up on storage otherwise your phone would end up updating all the applications in your phone and that would take up most of the storage space in your phone. You can turn these settings off in the App Store on the iPhone and Google PlayStore on your Android device.
Use an SD Card and clear cache memory (exclusive to Android only)
One of the best things about having an Android is the fact that you can use external storage for it too. You can use a USB that is OTG (On the Go) and it plugs into your phone’s charging port. Or you could simply use an SD card and some phones even allow your SD card to combine its memory with your phone’s internal storage. This would give you an ample amount of storage and you would not have to worry very often about your storage issues.
In conclusion
As soon as you purchase a new phone for yourself, one of the very less worries is to take care of your storage space. If you ensure that you have your storage managed, your phone would be able to run very smoothly.
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