August 14, 2022

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Kate Hudson provides her daughter Rani Rose, 3, a WORK OUT as they workout in lovable video

Suffice it to say “Sunday Morning” contributor Luke Burbank isn’t taking this “back to the...

Suffice it to say “Sunday Morning” contributor Luke Burbank isn’t taking this “back to the office” talk lying down:

With vaccination rates up, and some sense of “normalcy” returning to American life, many white collar employees are being called back to the office. Of course, there’s still some hesitancy around that, for a variety of reasons. But I want to say for the record I am happy to return to the workplace … as long as I can bring my bed.
Let me explain.

Like a lot of privileged Americans who had the option of working from home, I started the pandemic embracing the dream of the standing desk. I got one, and knew with absolute certainty that I’d emerge post-COVID a better, stronger Luke Burbank.
By day, I’d stand at my workstation, dazzling my remote colleagues with my discipline and efficiency; by night, I’d ride my exercise bike to nowhere, impressing a whole different group of people with my cool Peloton name, “Spin Diesel.”
So, yeah, that was the dream. But what really happened?
Well, in all honesty, just about anytime my Zoom camera was off, I was working from bed, and I don’t mean late at night, dashing off a last few emails. I mean, like, at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday.
Some might call that low-level depression, and some people might have a point. Still, I can’t be the only one, right?
For the record, I’ve always kind of been this way. If there’s something hard that needs doing, I like to be as comfortable as possible while doing it. I just think my brain functions better when the rest of my body is being cradled by a mattress that I bought off the internet because I heard about it on a podcast.
Luke Burbank, hard at work. 

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CBS News

Society tells us we should be tracking our steps and mastering our bodies so we can absolutely crush it at life. Every low-cal beer commercial celebrates the impossibly-fit people who “work hard and play harder.” Where’s the aspirational ad for those of us who “work horizontally, and then get pretty drowsy”?
I guess my point is in, one way or another, we all did what we had to do to get through this pandemic. I went into COVID one of those people who made fun of the term “self-care,” and I’m coming out of it as a true believer. If we don’t take care of ourselves, it’s pretty hard to take care of the people who need us. At least that’s what I’ve learned.
And I’ve also decided that I’m not going to be embarrassed about my unique style of productivity. I know there are lots of other people like me – a silent but cozy majority, who can’t wait to put their sweats on, pile up their pillows just so, and go take on the day!
     Story produced by Young Kim. Editor: Steven Tyler.
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