August 14, 2022

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UK PM Boris Johnson to boost all final Covid restrictions in England

3.58am GMT 03:58 Tell you what, the specialist spinner will have a lot to do...

3.58am GMT

Tell you what, the specialist spinner will have a lot to do in these conditions…

3.57am GMT

The last bits of warm-up equipment get ferried off the ground. A couple of kids holding flags wait at the end of the players’ races. A few uninterested security guards dot the boundary. The big remote-control camera buggy prowls the outfield like a dystopian sentinel. Black Mirror cricket is about to begin.

3.55am GMT

The walk down through Adelaide’s central city to the ground was slightly more intense today than yesterday. Wouldn’t fancy bowling 30 overs of pace in it.

3.54am GMT

Weather update: as already mentioned, it’s hot – the mercury has now tipped 37C. But there’s also some cloud cover today, and it’s blustery out there in the middle.

3.51am GMT

Think it’s fair to say there will be a degree of scrutiny on Jos Buttler today, not least from the Adelaide crowd, who were on his back towards the end of play yesterday after he spilled that late chance to send Labuschagne packing.

Buttler catches the ball in the nets before the start of day two’s play. Photograph: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

3.45am GMT

And excitingly, here is our Guardian Ashes Daily podcast again: a collaboration between Emma, me, and Adam Collins.

3.40am GMT

I wrote about Australia largely getting away with losing a captain to Covid restrictions on the first morning.

3.34am GMT

Emma John naturally harked back to Bodyline, in 1932-1933. Starring Hugo Weaving as Douglas Jardine.

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3.12am GMT

Right, what have we got for you from day one at Adelaide? Here’s the match wrap from Ali Martin, who was tapping away next to me in the press box.

3.10am GMT

Geoff Lemon

Good Adelaide afternoon to every other timezone around the world. The very early hours of the morning in the UK, well done if you’re awake for this. It was a long slow grind of a day yesterday, with no pink-ball dynamite moments, some very careful Australian batting, and two more dropped catches that drove stakes into the hearts of England.
The only thing is to hope that today might be different, but today is currently 36.3C and it’s only early afternoon. England’s bowlers have some very tough work ahead of them, and will have to pray that some early exchanges go their way. They have a ball only nine overs old, so that may offer something.
The score is Australia 221-2, with Labuschagne to resume, thanks to dual fortune, on 95, and Smith on 18.


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