August 18, 2022

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Apple is known for releasing new updates and amazing the users with several new features....

Apple is known for releasing new updates and amazing the users with several new features. Recently, Apple has released the macOS 12 Monterey, which is available for users to download and enjoy the all-new exciting features that come with the update. The release will let you use the shortcuts and browse Safari as earlier; however, the twist is that it has other features like Universal Cloud and SharePlay, which will be pretty exciting for users anticipating some big changes in their user experience.
This article will take you through the features of macOS 12 to work better and have fun using Mac.
Problems in Mac OS Monterey
If you have installed the macOS 12 Monterey version, you must have some problems too. If you want to know about Mac OS Monterey problems, you must be aware of the installation problems caused after the update. If your system does not show you macOS Monterey available, press Command + R to refresh the Software Update dialog. After the error in security issues is fixed, you can download macOS.
Universal Control
One of the useful features of Mac, Universal Control is the feature one needs if you are working on different devices simultaneously. This feature will allow you to operate different devices with a single mouse and keyboard, and you can easily switch between your iPad and Mac. While you are using the trackpad on your MacBook, you can slide over to your iPad, all the while being at the same place. File sharing is also easier as you can drag and drop files between several devices without any special setup.
FaceTime is another useful feature in the macOS 12 update, allowing you to communicate with people easily. The update has introduced special audio support that will enhance your experience of video calling with your peers. The Voice Isolation feature eliminates the background noise and promotes seamless and uninterrupted communication. While you are in a meeting or attending classes, you can be quite relieved about the background noise and hear clearly and easily.
Another amazing feature of the update is that now Mac users can video call non-Mac users easily. All you need is to generate a video call and share it with the person you want to call, and they can join the call using their browser.
Who doesn’t like shortcuts? Shortcuts save time and increase our productivity. The good news for Mac users is that you can now use shortcuts on your device, which will allow you to automate your daily tasks and customize them. You can use Siri without clicking and work with these shortcuts. You can enable the shortcuts through Finder, Menu Bar and the Spotlight.
Safari 15
While browsing the internet on your Mac, you would notice a refined view to group similar tabs and work seamlessly. This will save time and make it easier to access your information in one place. You can name the groups and keep a check on your sources and make changes to them too. You can even use a search box to find a specific website, and the Tabs will change color, signifying the website you are currently on.
Another definite feature is that the Notes app has been improved to enhance your experience of confiding and keeping a note of everything on the app. The Note app is better than before as it allows users to take notes from any website and add links from your Browser or Maps on Notes app. You can even invite people to collaborate on the notes you have organized, and they can also add their comments. You can navigate through the edits in the new Activity menu and see who has tagged you on a certain note.
The new update has brought a significant feature called Focus that will keep distractions out of your way. You can easily filter notifications depending on the hours of your work. You can even change your status so that your friends know not to disturb you at that time. Another interesting fact about this feature is that if you have enabled it for one device, it will be reflected on all other devices.
SharePlay is another exciting feature that allows Mac users to watch series, TV shows, movies and listen to music with their loved ones all through FaceTime. You can keep track of the content that your friends might send you through Share With You in Messages, which will be saved in Photos, Safari, Apple TV and Podcasts so that you can binge-watch or scroll whenever you want.
If you haven’t downloaded macOS 12 Monterey yet, you are missing some interesting features. What are you waiting for? Download the latest version and enhance your user experience.
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