August 14, 2022

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1.53pm GMT 13:53 Lap 33/58 Bottas is now down in ninth, and trying to pass...

1.53pm GMT

Lap 33/58 Bottas is now down in ninth, and trying to pass Leclerc, sees the door slammed in his Chevy Chase. Hamilton leads by 5.016s.

1.52pm GMT

Lap 32/58 Hamilton’s lead creeps towards five seconds as the natural light drops and the scene looks ever-more colourful and intense – though let’s be real with ourselves about what makes it possible and why it’s so.

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1.50pm GMT

Lap 31/58 Hamilton adds a further 0.3s to his lead, but Red Bull know that if they pit well, Verstappen will come out ahead of Bottas … who pits now. That’s a decent gap in which to try something, but whether the new tyres are enough to close a gap of around 24s, or a gap of four seconds and whatever Hamilton’s putative pit takes, remains to be seen – at best.

1.48pm GMT

Lap 30/58 Hamilton sets a fastest lap to take his lead above four seconds, so I imagine he’s been told about the impending second stop and to put his foot down.

1.47pm GMT

Lap 29/58 After as ludicrous a start as we can have anticipated, things have settled, and Red Bull need to try something, anything. And right as I type that, we learn that they’re considering a second pit; I wonder if Hamilton will have to do likewise? The lead is 3.824s.

1.45pm GMT
Kimi Raikkonen is out of his last race!

Lap 28/58 Ach, as Barry Davies would say – that’s a shame. But what a career!

1.44pm GMT

Lap 27/58 Raikkonen’s brakes let him down, the rear axel locked, and he clattered into the side. Meantime, Hamilton increases his lead to 3.737s, but Bottas is 20s behind Verstappen, so not sure he’ll be able to help his teammate.

Kimi Raikkonen hits the wall leading to a race retirement. Photograph: Joe Portlock – Formula 1/Formula 1/Getty Images

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1.43pm GMT

Lap 26/58 Raikkonen’s front wing is damaged; can he make it to the pit so he can complete his final race?

1.42pm GMT

Lap 25/58 “Maybe an interesting thought,” returns Steve Ditchburn. “Red Bull have shown that you can use your second driver to slow down the opposition so why don’t Mercedes get Bottas to wedge himself between Hamilton and Verstappen and do the same, if only for half a lap. It could make a difference of a few seconds.”
Yup, if Bottas can get in front of Verstappen it’s over.

1.41pm GMT

Lap 24/58 Hamilton leads, followed by Verstappen, Bottas, Perez, Alonso, Gasly, Sainz, Norris, Leclerc, Tsnoda, Ocon, Ricciardo, Latifi, Russell, Giovinazzi, Vettel, Stroll, Raikkonen, Schumacher.

1.39pm GMT

Lap 23/58 Hamilton is stretching away again, 2.446s ahead, and it’s hard to see a way for Verstappen now the lad he’s chasing sets a fastest lap.

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Lewis Hamilton drives ahead of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. Photograph: Giuseppe Cacace/AFP/Getty Images

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1.38pm GMT

Lap 22/58 “Absolute animal,” says the Red Bull radio of Perez, who did a phenomenal job there.
“I’m a Hamilton fan so I may be biased,” admits Joe Balfour, “but where could Lewis go? Max went in too hard, Lewis couldn’t turn left without hitting him. If he stops, he gets hit from behind. Max knew what he was doing, just didn’t expect Lewis to take the route he did. Should Lewis have slowed right up to allow Max back in? Maybe, but the distance between the two after Lewis got back onto the track and Max came out of the corner was massive and then reduced. So maybe that’s why Lewis was regarded as giving the spaces back? Was hoping for a full on race, but I don’t think Hamilton did anything wrong. Good luck keeping up.”
I’m not sure Hamilton had to go off, and I don’t think he gave back what he took off. But as I keep saying, I see both sides, so maybe status quo is the best solution

1.36pm GMT

Lap 21/58 This is terrific stuff from Perez, holding Hamilton up, and the gap from Hamilton to Verstappen is now 1.241s! He’s hauled his mate back into the race, and though Hamilton finally barrels by, the gap that was over six seconds is now 1.3s! HAVE A LOOK!

Sergio Perez leads Lewis Hamilton . Photograph: Lars Baron/Getty Images

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1.34pm GMT

Lap 20/58 Hamilton has taken roughly four seconds off Perez, so it probably won’t be long before he’s passed. And the gap is disappearing in chunks now, down to 0.403, while Sainz pits so Verstappen is now in third. And there it is, Hamilton goes by Perez, but Perez saves up energy from his battery to boust right back past with DRS! what a job he’s doing for his mate!

1.32pm GMT

Lap 19/58 “Stuck on sofa outside ladies changing rooms, (my wife is here , I’m not a weirdo), pleads Adam Pope, “with marginal WiFi signal. Your feed is the only thing stopping me from dying slowly from the inside at the moment.”
That’s why we’re here!

1.31pm GMT

Lap 18/58 Sainz has helped Hamilton out here, sticking in front of Verstappen, while Perez is doing likewise for Verstappen, now 5.579s in front of Hamilton.

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1.30pm GMT

Lap 17/58 On the turn seven shenaniga, Mercedes reckon Verstappen forced Hamilton off. Though they didn’t touch, that’s because Hamilton took evasive action, is how they see it. Again, I’m not sure: I see both sides, but Verstappen has been unfortunate.

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1.28pm GMT

Lap 16/58 Verstappen will be wanting Perez to try and slow Hamilton down; presumably he’ll just stay out there as long as possible, trying to do a job for his teammate. Verstappen is closing on Sainz, and before long he’ll be back directly behind Hamilton.

1.26pm GMT

Lap 15/58 Now Hamilton pits, so Perez leads the race and here comes Hamilton! He comes out second, trailing by 11.513s, with Verstappen five or so seconds and two places behind him.

1.25pm GMT

Lap 14/58 Verstappen pits! That should be his sole stop of the race and where’s he going to come out? He’s fifth, perhaps as a consequence, Leclerc drives off and loses a place to Tsunoda! Meantime, Verstappen passes Norris, and now trails by 27.525s.

1.23pm GMT

Lap 13/58 Verstappen will have to pit soon – that’ll be the next major event, and his tyres are already giving him aggravation, the consequence of a locked-tyre error yesterday, when he didn’t even need to be out there. That’s the thing with sport, it’s often won in the details, and the details often amount to thinking clearly at all times.

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton leads the race. Photograph: Rula Rouhana/Reuters

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1.22pm GMT

Lap 12/58 Hamilton is lapping a second faster now, leading by 4.686s, and it’s really hard to see a way for Verstappen now. Unless Hamilton makes a serious error, or his car fails him, or something strange happens behind them that means a safety car is necessary, this feels like it’s did.

1.20pm GMT

Lap 11/58 “Seems to me that Max only stayed on the track because he actually hit Lewis and used his car to stop leaving the track.,” emails Steve Ditchburn. “However, I really don’t think that Lewis gave back what he gained. One might say that Max set the standard for this sort of behaviour so just maybe he deserved the outcome.”
I know what you mean, but you’ve got to treat each case on its merits and Verstappen definitely had the arse-end of that. But the reality is that it was marginal, so it’s hard to bitch too much about the call, whatever it was. Though of course we’ll enjoy the efforts made.

1.19pm GMT

Lap 10/58 Pirelli reckon Verstappen’s tyres, supplied by them, work for about 15 laps. But Red Bull will be able to use Perez, in third, to try and hold up Hamilton when he comes out of the pits

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1.17pm GMT

Lap 9/58 If Verstappen has to pit first, he’ll have a problem because the field is pretty close together, so he’ll get stuck in traffic if that’s soon. Hamilton’s mediums seem to have more pace than his softs too, which is to say that Red Bull are in shtuck.

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1.16pm GMT

Lap 8/58 Jenson Button doesn’t understand the regulations, noting that in Brazil both men went off the track while here, Veratappen stayed on. Who thought this was going to be simple? Meantime, Hamilton leads by 2.309s, and pPerez by 5.593s.

1.15pm GMT

Lap 7/58 More from the stewards, who think Hamilton handed back what he took and Verstappen forced the position. I’m still not sure – I’m leaning towards Horner’s view, but Rosberg thinks Verstappen lunged, though he does also think the distance was’t returned.

1.13pm GMT

Lap 6/58 Horner is as delighted as you’d expect. He’s “a little bit shocked” and “not best pleased”, saying it’s not like Brazil, when Verstappen escaped, and a “total lack of consistency”. David Croft presses him, saying the drivers were told to stay within the white lines, Verstappen did that, and now he “has to do it the hard way”.

1.11pm GMT

Lap 5/58 Hamilton leads by 1.904s, followed by Verstappen, Perez, Sainz, Norris, Leclerc, Tsunoda, Bottas, Ocon, Ricciardo. That’s our top 10, for all that it matters.

Lewis Hamilton ahead of both Red Bulls. Photograph: Lars Baron/Getty Images

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1.11pm GMT

Lap 4/58 I doubt we’ve heard the last of this, and the stewards must’ve thought that Verstappen forced Hamilton off the track. I don’t know, it looked to me like he outpaced him on the straight, took the apex, and held it. In the meantime, Hamilton leads by about 1.6s.

1.09pm GMT
The stewards are happy that they’ve no need to intervene

Lap 3/58 Red Bull aren’t happy, but in the eyes of the stewards, Hamilton slowed down enough to return the extra metres he gave when taking the escape road. That seems a reach to me, I must say.

They touch Photograph: Joe Portlock – Formula 1/Formula 1/Getty Images

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1.08pm GMT

Lap 2/58 Hamilton leads by a second and a bit, but that moment at turn seven will surely be the subject of an investigation: did Hamilton cut the corner? What happened was Verstappen tried to take him on the straight, he went off onto the escape road, thereby coming back in front!


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