August 17, 2022

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Shut bars and eating places at 5pm to struggle a surge within the Omicron variant of Covid-19, Nphet tells Govt

A man who addressed a large anti-vaccination rally in Sydney has died in a Covid-19...

A man who addressed a large anti-vaccination rally in Sydney has died in a Covid-19 hospital ward. 
Aboriginal elder Max Dulumunmun Harrison was cheered at the ‘Millions March’ rally in Sydney’s Hyde Park on November 27 when he said politicians ‘deserve to be drowned’.
A Facebook page referred to him speaking ‘in front of a crowd of 200,000 united sovereign Sydneysiders’.
The actual attendance was around 9,000.  

Anti-vaxxer Max Dulumunmun Harrison has died in the Covid-19 ward of a Sydney hospital, two weeks after addressing and anti-vaccination rally

Also known as Uncle Max, he was a cultural adviser ‘on health and cultural-related issues’ for the Informed Medical Options Party (IMOParty), who promoted him as a key speaker at the rally.  
IMOParty confirmed Mr Harrison’s death. The 85-year-old died in the Sutherland Hospital on Saturday morning from bronchial asthma and underlying complications. 
Speaking at the rally two weeks ago, he said ‘ (I) don’t recognise the place up on the hill in Canberra, because they’re not a government, they’re a friggin’ corporation posing as a government.’
He said people had ‘no freedom’ due to Covid vaccinations and were ‘fighting to walk and talk for freedom’.
‘Each and every speaker here today, they’re doing nothing but speaking truth, and that’s what we want,’ Mr Harrison said of his fellow anti-vaccination speakers.
He compared being against Covid-19 vaccinations to war.
‘I’ve gone through the second world war and all the wars in between, but this is the most hardest friggin’ war that I ever got.’
Mr Harrison went on a tirade against politicians, saying ‘Yell at that b******* that want to jack those little kids. Your grandkids, your children. Your nieces and nephews. 
‘There’s not a jail big enough to put the b******* in. Walk them in chains. That’s what needs to be done … These b******* … deserve to be drowned,’ he said. 

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Around 9,000 people attended the ‘Millions march against mandatory vaccinations’ to protest against vaccine mandates in Hyde Park, Sydney on November 27,  2021

Mr Harrison was a Yuin elder who wrote the 2009 book My People’s Dreaming and also lectured at the University of Technology Sydney.   
NSW Health reported two men had died from Covid-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm on Saturday night. 
Both men were unvaccinated.  
As well as the two deaths, NSW recorded 485 new Covid-19 cases as the caseload dips following two consecutive days of more than 500 infections.
The state had on Saturday recorded the highest number of cases since October 9, two days before lockdown lifted, and the second in a row with more than 500 cases.

Organisers of the ‘Millions March’ rally in Sydney’s Hyde Park claimed 200,000 people attended. The actual attendance was 9,000

In Victoria, there have been 1,069 new Covid infections and two virus-related deaths. This marks the seventh consecutive day Victoria has recorded more than 1,000 virus cases.
The state is now managing almost 11,400 active coronavirus cases. There are 310 Covid patients in Victorian hospitals, 74 of them in intensive care and 37 who require ventilation.
The total number of deaths in Victoria since the pandemic began stands at 1,416.
In NSW, 90,804 tests were recorded in the 24 hours to 8pm on Saturday, while 67,300 results were processed in Victoria.
The double-dose vaccination rate of those aged over 16 in NSW has reached 93.1 per cent. In Victoria, 92 per cent are fully vaccinated among those aged 12 and over.
As of Saturday evening, 156 people were in hospital with the virus in NSW, 23 of them in intensive care.

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