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You mutt be mistaken! Man is left baffled to receive an expletive-ridden note from his...

You mutt be mistaken! Man is left baffled to receive an expletive-ridden note from his neighbours threatening to KILL his contstantly barking ‘mongrel’ – even though he doesn’t own a dog

A man took to Reddit to reveal a nasty note that came through his Mailbox
The strongly-worded message threatened to kill his dog if it didn’t stop barking
Commenters were scared for the dog, but couldn’t help finding note hilarious  

By Jessica Summers For Mailonline
Published: 10:49 GMT, 4 February 2022 | Updated: 11:06 GMT, 4 February 2022

A man shared his shock after a nasty letter was posted to his house by neighbours who have been disturbed by a barking dog. 

The man named Josh took to Reddit to share a bluntly-worded letter after discovering it in his mailbox in an Australian suburb, regarding a dog that barks at all hours of the day and night.
However, the expletive-laden missive, which threatened to kill the noisy canine, left Josh confused because he doesn’t even own a pet.   
Sharing it to the forum, Josh revealed: ‘Received this well-worded letter in my mailbox this morning (wrong neighbour – I don’t even have a dog).’

An Australian man named Josh shared a letter full of cursing he found in his mailbox after a neighbour had enough of a an unknown barking dog

Not one to mince their words, the angry neighbours opened the letter by addressing it to the ‘Mongrel dog owner’.
Before following up by saying: ‘Keep ya mongrel f*****g dog quiet.’ 
‘We have had a gut full of its barking day and f***ing night and we work shift work,’ they wrote. 
‘Have some manners and keep it inside or else it will be shut up for good’.

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Some commenters, while worried for the dog’s safety, thought the note was hilarious and took glee in imagining the person writing it

Threatening to kill the animal if the problem was not soon resolved the angry couple wrote: ‘Dead mongrel dog will be your fawlt (sic)

‘No more warning a*****e. Shut ya f****n dog up.’
Immediately, viewers of the furious note were simultaneously worried for the aforementioned dog’s safety and in stitches at the grammar and spelling. 
One person said: ‘Even if he kills the dog, the real victim will be English.’
While another shared their alarm: ‘Seriously though, I hope this got back to the real dog owners so they don’t end up with an innocent dog that had to die/suffer at the hands of some morons who can’t spell.’

Some commenters took the side of the note-writer and thought loud dogs should be banned for good

A third person contributed: ‘Look, I hope this does NOT happen for real but…..would it not be hilarious if this letter had to be read out loud in court?’

Others, however, were sympathetic to the note-poster’s cause and told stories of their own nightmare neighbours who refused to control their dogs.
One person said: ‘That’s nice. Not everyone is as nice as your neighbour. I am essentially powerless in the same situation where my neighbour does nothing about it. 
‘There is no recourse in practice, the Council does nothing and there is no one else to turn to. I don’t condone the note but I very well understand it.’
While another agreed saying: ‘I can see why they are upset.

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‘Must be hard for them working shift. And dogs can be incredibly annoying when they bark all day. And that is the owners fault (but they sometimes dont know).’
While a third person simply wrote: ‘Gold! Incessant barking dogs are the worst.’

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